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2019 HK Autumn Asia Expo fair

2019 Autuman Asia expo fair will open from 11 Oct. to 14th Oct. our booth Nr. will be 1N43. Visit us, you will find exce...


2019 Spring Asia Expo fair

During 11.Apr.-14th Apr. DLSOUND will continue her fair schedule, this time, DLsound will bring 2-3 new prive tooling mo...


Chinese New year Holiday Notice

DLSOUND Chinese New year Holiday will start from Jan.27 to 10 Feb. During holiday, if any urgent thing, plz call relati...


2018 Autumn Asia Expo fair

. DLSOUND WILL LAUNCH MANY PRIVE TOOLING MODELS DUIRING 2018 Autumn Asia Expo Fair. Our booth Nr. is 7Q06, welcome to vi...